Yoga and Cultural Appropriation

Sarah and I have been going hard building our store on 13th Ave (grand opening party soon!!), and I am WAY behind marking this semester, so I don’t have time to write about this the way I normally would. So here is an audio clip from an interview on the subject I did on a talk radio this morning:

CJME MainStreet: Is Yoga Cultural Appropriation? (this is a download link – you can play the file with Itunes or whatever media player you normally use)

The interview starts at around 8 minutes and goes to around 18 minutes. There are some callers after the interview if that floats your boat, although nothing particularly spicy happens.


I have come across a few good articles on the subject, so if this is giving you an appetite for a little yoga geekery, dig in!

There is No Such Thing as Cultural Appropriation – Pathos

Where the Whole World Meets in a Single Nest – Slate

The Confused Thinking Behind the Kimono Protests at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts – HyperAllergic

Of Course Yoga is Cultural Appropriation: All Culture Is – Reason

How to Decolonize Your Yoga Practice – Decolonizing Yoga




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